Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Come Sail Away

Usually I am wary of mobiles and sculptures that hang from the ceiling because sometimes they seems rahther childlike but then I saw these ridiculously awesome hanging ships and now I must have one STAT!

Artist Ann Wood lives and works in Parks Slope (holla!) and uses found objects and recycled materials. Her DIY project, featured on DesignSponge this morning, is already bookmarked as a future project for our new apartment!

I want these ships for several reasons:
1) They are colorful but not TOO colorful
2) They are delicate but also kind of badass in that 'I'm made of recycled materials but ALSO remind you of pirates sort of way)
3) They could hang perfectly from a hook in my ceiling that is actually for a hanging plant that would die in about a week and then dry up, forgotten in the corner until we move out of the apartment years from now.

Check out Ann's website to see some of her other work and read her blog!

Images: Ann Wood via Design Sponge

1 comment:

mia c said...

I am overjoyed at these new posts! I want a ship mobile SO much. Maybe my favorite thing that has been on the blog yet!