Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mellow Yellow

I am deep into a yellow phase right now. I love yellow like whoa. When I was in high school, I painted my room yellow and then promptly filled it with red and blue accessories. When my friends came over, they would marvel at how brave I was- choosing primary colors for my bedroom as opposed to the pastel paired with brown look that was au courant.

These days I am into a fresher, crisper yellow. A bright shade paired with black, white, grey, navy and fuchsia. More sophisticated than the primary colors of my youth but more plucky and modern than a grandmother's 'canary yellow kitchen' which supposedly represents her funky taste.

I found this on Design is Mine today and am already trying to figure out where I can find such a large frame. I love how clean the yellow and white looks. I am also gaga over the wallpaper. It's so easy to overpower a whole room with a bold print but this tones it down quite a bit. It also helps that the print itself is quite delicate. I could see this working well in a dining room with a nice wood table and a deep barrel pendant lamp. It would also be cute to hang two matching panels in a corner with a low bookcase and a comfy armchair.

Image: Design is Mine

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