Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Rant.

Now girls. I am perfectly capable of suspending my disbelief on so many levels when it comes to Gossip Girl. Chuck working in a French bisto? Yeah right, but okay if it means he will keep dressing like an extra from Les Miserables. Georgina's fake DNA test? Fine. Just get her crazy ass outta there! Don't even get me started on the whole 'Gossip Girl Applies to College' debacle of 2008.

But I draw the line when it comes to interiors.

Blair supposedly hired a decorator (who worked with Dorota) to transform a room connected to Blair's room that we have never seen before into a sand-colored, faux-glamorous lair for Serena. I suspect they used her hair color as inspiration. At first I was distracted by the absurd butterfly decal that looks as if it is missing a mirror in the middle but then I realized: Serena has no bedside tables?!?! Oh hell no! I do NOT buy that!

You're telling me, Mr. Set Decorator, that Serena doesn't need somewhere to place her La Mer nightcream or whatever? No tray full of costume jewelry? No ludicrously expensive floral arrangements to scent her sheets? I mean, obviously she won't need a pile of books on it unless they are purely for show and I won't point out all the naughty things she would realistically keep in there but how hard is it to give the room more furniture than a bed and a bench to throw a blanket on! Come on people! I expect more from you! You are the people that gave us Blair's delightful Marie-Antoinette-inspired room back in 2007! Did you waste all your time on the Van der Woodsen/Humphrey penthouse suite? Did the huge Prada sign zap all your creativity and common sense?

Not cool, designers. Not cool.

Please invite me to the set and I would be glad to set things straight in exchange for some of Blair's clothes.

Image: CW via CasaSugar


mia c said...

amazing rant. especially considering my tolerance for GG usually stems from appreciating the pretty things they have which I want but can not afford. Even I can afford bedside tables.

mia c said...
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