Thursday, October 14, 2010

Kitchen Accessories

My kitchen is woefully under-accessorized. I don't know how I've let that happen. I guess it's because I spend so little time in it. It's mostly like a hallway between my living room and bathroom. It's where I store my liquor and cereal. It's where I keep my mail. It is not where I spend hours slaving over the stove or lovingly preparing meals for my nearest and dearest. In fact, I think my nearest and dearest would probably freak out if I told them I was going to cook for them. They'd think I was trying to poison them. Which I would never do. Duh.


I don't have pretty salt & pepper shakers or a fancy butter dish or even a coveted teapot. Although I do have a pretty awesome teakettle. Here are some finds from Anthropologie (and one from Jonathan Adler) that I've been salivating over for the last ten minutes:

 Lucile Apron (Can I just wear this as a dress?)

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