Friday, October 8, 2010

Pour Some Sugar On Me

It was exceptionally difficult to drag myself out of bed this morning. My four hours of sleep weren't enough to convince me to put on a work-appropriate outfit or motivate me to open the fridge to grab breakfast. As a result, I am short skirted and full of donuts. Even on the worst days, I am usually pretty awake by the time I leave my apartment. Not so this morning! I was so tired I somehow managed to slip on a pile of sugar someone had spilled on the stairs. Not cool neighbhoors, not cool! No matter how nice I try to make our apartment, there is still always random garbage in the hallway or the smell of smoke escaping people's doors. Ah, the joys of living in a city.

I wish the stairs in our building looked more like this lovely staircase from Dan Ducha's portfolio. So cheerful and clean. I love how crisp the deep orange looks with the bright white. I've never been an orange fan, I find the boldness of it slightly offensive- even orange Starbursts bother me- but I am slowly coming around ever since I acquired my free orange couch. I think it's even growing on me. Suddenly I've found myself drawn more and more to orange and grey palettes and I keep finding orange accessories for other parts of my apartment. I probably wouldn't be so tired right now if I were confronted with this staircase everyday instead of ours, which is dirty and creaks a lot.

Come to think of it since no one seems to notice giant piles of baking supplies in our hallway, I bet I could totally paint our stairs any color I want and no one would care! Hot Damn!

Image: Dan Ducha via decorology

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