Friday, October 8, 2010

Dessert of the Week: Muffin Top Edition

Dessert of the Week is back! Mainly, because it will be nice to be able to store a few recipes on this sucker. I adore muffins. I would eat them everyday if they didn't lead to actual muffin top* and all sorts of arterial distress. ( I mean really, who can eat a blueberry muffin without first slathering it in butter?) The problem with muffins is that it is actually hard to find a good muffin in my life. Everywhere I go, they are usually too dry, too bland or too buttery. I just want one that is just right! Apparently, I am the Goldilocks of muffintown. Wait a minute, that sounds dirty. Whatever.

I think the logical answer is to suck it up and make my own. This recipe, featured on  Saveur, sounds delicious and not that difficult to make. And I do so like Concord Grapes! Perhaps if I baked them over the weekend I could eat them all week for breakfast. That is, unless I go nuts and eat them all in two days which is far more likely.

Image: In Jennie's Kitchen via Saveur

*Fact: I am singing the 'Muffin Top' song from 30 Rock in my head right now. It will probably remain there all day.


jae said...

I can honestly say it has never occurred to me to put butter on a blueberry muffin...

jae said...

also, you have to take all the little seeds out of concord me.