Saturday, August 6, 2011

Speaking of large scale wall art...

I have been in love with Sharon Montrose's prints for a few years now. If anyone ever wants to buy me a present, please feel free to order any one of her amazing animal photographs. They are so lovely that it's hard to choose favorites but I've had the Bunny and Flamingo prints bookmarked for some time!

The beauty of these prints is they look good both on their own and in combination, which means they are incredibly versatile. I could see hanging two side by side over my bed or a gallery of 4 in the bathroom or one large print over my couch in the living room. But why stop there? You could line a hallway with the whole collection, going from largest animal to smallest or vice versa. And would it be inappropriate to feature the Ostrich egg in the kitchen? I think not.

Check out Sharon's website to see the full menagerie!

Image: The Animal Print Show by Sharon Montrose

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