Friday, August 19, 2011

Looking Up

Look how the painting matches the wall and ceiling colors so precisely! How Meta!

I adore the painted ceiling in Kelly LaPlante's design studio. It's so simple but it packs such a big punch. I often overlook my ceilings because, well, it's hard enough to find the time and energy to paint the walls!

Painting the ceiling can seem intimidating and a lot of people think it's too much work, but it's really not. It's usually less square footage to paint than your actual walls (unless you're just painting an accent wall). I get why it seems so complicated though; sometimes you want high contrast and bright shades and it's hard to envision bright colors on your walls or sometimes the color clashes with your furniture.  Maybe you think you'll tire of it within a few months. But forget all that! Painting the ceiling is a great option because it's high impact but doesn't interfere with the rest of the room! If you get sick of the color, just repaint! A super long roller will have that sucker shiny and new in a matter of hours. How can you go wrong?

How awesome is the abstract painting that hangs in their conference room? I love how they've matched the wall color so precisely. 

Image: Celeste Sunderland via Apartment Therapy 

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