Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dancing Queen

I have been an avid fan of So You Think You Can Dance since that boring brunette hosted the very first season and ever since it has been the highlight of my summer. This season has been one of the best and has included some of the finest, most engaging performances to date. In fact, it's been so inspiring that I'm loosing sleep over it.

Yes, you read that right. I have LOST SLEEP over a tv show about dancing. THIS IS NOT HYPERBOLE.

On three separate occasions I have stayed up well past my bedtime watching YouTube videos of past seasons and these videos have filled me with such unbridled enthusiasm that I have been unable to sleep. One night I was so excited by a particular routine that, while lying in bed trying to force myself to sleep, I caught my foot weaving through some of the toe work.

In case you doubt the power of these routines, I give you this one choreographed by Mandy Moore (not the movie/pop star): 
See? Don't you want to dance now? Yes. Yes, you do.

So basically I have dance on the brain all the time. I am like an 10 year old who just discovered that boys don't, in fact, have cooties. 

My dance obsession might also spread to my walls. Ever since I saw this photograph in Domino Magazine (RIP) I have lusted over similar photographs. 

Isn't it classy?! Basically, as long as I steer clear of ballerinas I can avoid looking like an 8 year old. I like how simple the black & white image is though and the fact that it stands out but doesn't overtake the space.

Thank god the show's finale is tomorrow so I can return to my regular sleep schedule!

Image: Domino Magazine

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