Tuesday, December 13, 2011

2011 Gift Guide: The Brother

I grew up with two fabulous sisters but I was always jealous of those girls who had older brothers because it meant they had the coolest taste in music and probably slept in bad ass oversize band t-shirts. I wonder what they bought their brothers for Christmas back then? I hope it had something to do with brightly colored walkmen and flannel shirts and Nirvana. Here are a few ideas for your grown-up (but still cool) brother:

Underground Cap, Goorin Bros. $38
AEO Buffalo Check Duffel Bag, American Eagle Outfitters $59.50
TOMS 'Movember' Classic Slip-On, Nordstrom $58

Batman Money Clip, Think Geek $40
Charcoal Cow Butchery Diagram Print, drywell via Etsy $18

The Walking Dead Season 1, Amazon $16

1 comment:

jae said...

I totally love the bat money clip. my brother never slept in oversized band t-shirts, btw...and while he is older, he definitely isn't cool.