Tuesday, December 13, 2011

2011 Gift Guide: The Sister

If you have a sister, you probably spent your childhood tormenting her. Now you really ought to apologize. But apologizing is for sissies! So instead, just buy her a super fun gift this holiday season and I'm sure she'll totally forget that time you 'accidentally' shut her finger in the bathroom door.

Air Quote Mittens, Kate Spade $65

Pretty Cupcake Kit, Fred Flare $21
Deux Lux Sequined Weekender, Urban Outfitters, $99
Taschen's 4 Cities Book Set, Taschen $60

Honeydew Intimates Polka Dot Bralette & Undies, Madewell $34 & $16

Wild Hearts 4G iPhone Case, Marc by Marc Jacobs $34

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