Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Shelving Woes

Four months ago we moved into our apartment and though we are completely unpacked, we have yet to tackle some important projects like what the eff are we going to do about this random nook in our kitchen? It currently houses the litter box, which is a perfect fit, but why waste all the space above? I'm thinking shelves are the most logical answer since they would provide some much-needed storage space as well as a place to display artwork, vases and other pretty things including scented candles, which will come in handy considering the often unpleasant odors wafting from below.

So here's the thing: it's an awkward shaped space. It is roughly 18 1/2 inches deep and only 14 1/4 inches wide. Since the litter box fits so snugly on the floor, I also have to factor in the size of the box if I am to consider a shelving unit.

Here are two thoughts for shelving units:

Omar Shelving Unit $69.99
 The Omar Shelving Unit from Ikea is 72 inches tall and the lower shelves are removable so we could easily make room for the litter box underneath, assuming it will fit in between the legs, which I am not so sure about. I like the industrial look of it and the fact that the shelves are adjustable so they can accommodate things that are oddly-sized like my air-popper or matryoshka nesting dolls. I also like that it is as deep as the alcove itself so the spacing wouldn't be awkward.
Molger Shelving Unit $49.99

The Molger Shelving Unit, also from Ikea, is a little shorter at 55 inches but the wood would look nice with our cabinets and I also like the option of painting it some crazy color like teal or hot pink or glitter.  While the shelves aren't adjustable, it does look like we would still have the option of removing the bottom shelf. However, it's not as deep as the Omar so either it would have to sit forward or be pushed to the back of the alcove and I'm not sure I love that idea.

Our other option would be to make and install individual shelves ourselves. While definitely not the easiest choice, it would probably look the best and would eliminate the problem of fitting the litter box down below. We'd have the option to paint them (I'd probably just match them to the wall or trim) and it would look good enough to leave when we move out because what else is anyone going to use that space for?  Also I like how cozy it would look. Here's a good example:

Terisa, Colin and Lauren's Home on Apartment Therapy
Does anyone have any thoughts on this matter? 

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Iris Conner said...

It does look like something was missing if your walls are wide and empty. I must say, adding the shelves was a good idea. If you’re still worrying about the area, I think you could have custom-made shelves for it. Anyway, how are things now?

Iris Conner @ Agame