Monday, December 20, 2010


So lately I've been really obsessed with Pinterest. It's such an addictive site because it is basically just loads and loads of pretty things to look at without the distraction of a bunch of words to go along with it. Also it's an actual community so it's also a way to check out what other people are posting which is a whole other addiction. Unfortunately for the three of you who read this blog, it means I've been lazy and have posted things I like over there instead of actually having to form thoughts and feature them here. However in the spirit of the holidays and giving and blah blah blah, here is my gift to you: pretty things I like! With no words! (Except this pitiful intro.)

If you want to see them again, just head over to Pinterest where you can begin to nurse your own obsession.

Photo Courtesy of: the decorista
 NY Mag
 Coralie Bickford-Smith
: Thrillist

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