Friday, December 3, 2010

More Kitchen Envy

Words cannot express how obsessed I've become with this gorgeous kitchen, which belongs to Anna of Door Sixteen. It is becoming a sickness. I've had the photos up on my computer all morning and in between projects, I keep glancing at them in wonder and amazement as if it could be mine if I just stare at it hard enough.

What I love about this kitchen is how functional it is. You can tell much thought was put into the use of storage vs. open shelving, the accessibility of select utensils and the placement of smaller appliances. Since it lacks the usual line-up of cabinets, both under- and over-head, Anna and her husband had to think carefully about the amount of kitchenware they use and that may be the key to their success in this room. My own kitchen is bogged down with ugly dishes and hand-me-down servingware that I don't really like. (Sorry Mom, but it's true.) Virtually every cabinet, shelf and cubbyhole is packed with pieces that I rarely use. I have 2 sets of plastic measuring cups and three sets of measuring spoons. Who needs that? The lack of storage space and the open shelving forces them not only to pare down their kitchenware but also to pay attention to what each piece actually looks like.

I adore the simple color scheme and how tidy everything looks all lined up on the shelves. Even though much of their dishware doesn't actually match, each piece works well within the over-arching color scheme and as a result, the whole room is more cohesive. I'm also really digging the splashes of pattern in the artwork and dishtowels. This reminds me- I need better dishtowels!

Images: Anna Dorfman of  Door Sixteen

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