Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ikea FTW!

If moving taught me one thing it is that I have way too many books. I have so many books they fill my bookshelves and also line my desk and form a tower next to my bed. There may or may not also be a pile in my closet and some under my bed as well. I decided to sell a bunch a few weeks ago in an attempt to make more room on the shelves but then chickened out and wound up selling only 10. I think I need help. My good friend has a rule I would like to adopt. He saves only the books he will read again or recommend to a friend. When I apply this rule to my own collection, I realize I can part with roughly half my library. Am I really going to read Anna Karenina again? How often do I thumb through Shakespeare? (Answer:  When I need a good insult)

I realize giving away half my books will be pretty traumatic but there is a silver lining here. My bookshelves can look pretty again and not cluttered and boring! This is a good thing because Ikea just created this amazing galvanized shelving unit and it costs a measly $15.  Reducing my book collection is a good excuse to buy new bookshelves right?

Here are some awesome things about this shelving unit:
**It is pretty
**It is cheap
**It weighs 11 lbs which means I can carry it up to my 4th floor apt by myself

I would like to have two side-by-side along a wall of my bedroom. I think I would accessorize with some small succulents potted in brightly colored ceramic pots and a few fabric-covered boxes to soften up the look.

Image: Ikea

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