Friday, March 18, 2011

Tea Time

Spring is finally in the air! Huzzah! It's time to break out the pastel colors and start obsessing over self-tanners! It is also time, in my opinion, to dress up and host a tea party!

Tea Parties are the perfect opportunity to act super fancy and ladylike without have to spend a ton of money. The awesome thing about tea parties? There is no expensive alcohol and it is perfectly acceptable to cheat and buy your baked goods from a fancy bakery nearby. You can make your own sandwiches for about $.20/sandwich and cut them out into pretty shapes using cookie cutters. (Stick with classic shapes though. Your tea party won't be so classy if they are dinosaur-shaped. Just sayin'.)

The first rule of throwing a tea party is to make sure you have a proper tea set. Sitting around drinking tea in mugs is simply not acceptable. Other necessary accoutrements?

*Cake Stands
*Sugar and Creamer
*Table linens
*Finger Sandwiches and Scones

See below for some ideas!

Royal Albert "Polka Rose" Tea & Dessert Set

Staccato Teapot

Rediscovered Flatware
Vintage Linen Napkins
Cow Creamer
Decor Bon Bon Cake Stands

Rose, Peony and Viburnum centerpieces
Assorted Tea Sandwhiches and Petit Fours
Confetti System Garland

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mia said...

mia, this is some crazy coincidence, just last night jenni and I were planning a mad tea party photo shoot that will segue into her b-day party. Probably May 21st-- wanna come?!