Friday, March 11, 2011

Color Conundrum

Lately I have been fretting that my bedroom is too girlie. Sure, a little frill is delightful and a few pops of pink are good for the soul, just ask Diana Vreeland. But do I really need the pink floral duvet cover? Or the giant mass of gold and crystal necklaces hanging on my wall? How about the sequined shirt hanging next to my dresser or the pile of (rarely worn) high heels lining one whole wall? Kids, it might be time for a change. Big time. It might be time to embrace neutrals and an altogether more tailored look.

Paul's studio was featured over on Apartment Therapy last week and I have bookmarked several photos for my inspiration board. It's the perfect blend of sophistication and style yet is reasonably unisex. Little accents like flowers and candles soften the tones and his well-edited art and accessories tie the entire space together. Paul also restricted himself to a simple neutral color scheme-with the exception of one bright red wall- and that's a very simple way to automatically ensure the room looks intentionally put together and elegant.

Check out the rest of his studio HERE

Images: Apartment Therapy

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