Friday, January 14, 2011

Winter Blues

It's hard to believe that winter is only getting started because the city has been pummeled with snow twice already and I'm beginning to seriously consider a move to the west coast. You know what I hate about winter? I hate that it follows you inside. I hate that I have to wash my floors twice as often (meaning, I actually have to wash my floors at all) because there is sludge everywhere. I hate that I have to immediately disrobe the second I walk in the door to avoid getting melted snow all over my kitchen. I HATE that my entryway is crowded with snow boots and other essential outdoor accessories because there is no room to store them properly and my neighbors might steal them if we were to leave them out in the hallway.

Winter. It's so inconvenient for the decor enthusiast. 

What I would like right now is a beautiful, bright, organized entryway that makes me excited to come home and toss off all evidence of the outside world. Perhaps something like this entryway, which belongs to Kimberly Cornelison and Alfie Ferreyra and which I've been coveting since it was featured on Design*Sponge back in September. These people know a thing or two about snow- they live in Minneapolis! Even though the space is small, they've carved out a distinct look and feel for the little nook. I adore the bright wallpaper and pendant lamp and the simple burst of color from the flowers and basket. 

How can a little snow get you down when your home looks like this?

Image: Design*Sponge

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jae said...

I love that color paper! and the dog is kind of cute too...