Thursday, August 5, 2010

Oh, and also I like the yellow pillow.

In my ongoing quest to find and buy a rug for my apartment I constantly find myself drawn to stripes and chevron-inspired patterns. I just love how the repeated pattern looks with florals and how it adds depth to a room and helps offset any large solid pieces like our giant orange couch. I saw this living room in Living Etc and went bananas over the rug/throw pillow/fabric-covered wall combination.

Also, why don't I have a tuxedo couch?

I've had the Ikea Stockholm Rand rug on my list for quite some time now and the only thing that keeps me from running out and buying it is the concern that my cats would ruin it or my roommate would get sick of vacuuming all the cat hair off it and would start to secretly hate me AND my stupid rug. Maybe the solution is that I get my rug BUT I learn to vacuum...

Images: Living Etc and Ikea

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