Wednesday, December 23, 2009

When life hands me lemons...

...I complain like hell, cry a little, and then order Indian food.

Monday morning I woke up in a great mood. It's my favorite time of year, this is a short work week, I get presents on Friday- how wonderful! Plus, Mariah Carey's Christmas Album was in my head. Score!

Hanna was not so happy. She had been up since 4am when our kitchen ceiling started leaking right outside her bedroom door. Though I called our landlord immediately, she failed to show up that day because she'd gone to a different apartment and, seeing no leak, left the building! I came home that night to find that the leak had caused the ceiling to collapse. There was a thick paste of plaster, dust, and rusty water all over the floor. I called my landlord again in a fit of rage and demanded that she come the next day.

By Tuesday morning, our floor had flooded and we now had 6 buckets quickly filling with dirty water. Our frigid apartment became truly freezing with the cold gusts of air that came in through the hole in the ceiling. Our landlord finally came to assess the situation. When Hanna arrived home that night, she found an even bigger hole- actually a 3x5 square- cut out of our ceiling, a pipe hanging down with one of our dishtowels used as a plug, sheet rock blocking our door, dust all over the kitchen, a giant dirty ladder in our kitchen and...a toilet that didn't work. Our landlord assured us it would all be fixed AFTER THE HOLIDAY.

Deep Breaths.

Hanna yelled. I cried. I yelled. Hanna cried. Lola got scared of the kitchen and hid under my bed.

Last night we bundled up in multiple layers, tried to ignore the party in the apartment above us even though the hole in our ceiling provided so little insulation it felt like we were hosting it ourselves, tried to clean and pack for the holidays and consoled ourselves with Indian food.

This morning I called our landlord again and demanded that someone come and complete all repairs before the end of the work day and she agreed to have someone there by 10:30am.

I am lucky enough to be heading home to CT after work today but poor Hanna must pick up her BF from the airport and then go home and face the prospect of yet another night of freezing temperatures and the threat of scary critters coming down from the ceiling.

Let's keep our fingers crossed that everything is good as new tonight, ok?

This has officially been the longest week ever and it is only Wednesday.

Old photo of Lola 'Loly' Die Katzen Courtesy of:   Hanna

UPDATE 12/31/09:   Here are some pictures of what our ceiling looked like so you all know the severity of our problem! Luckily, the ceiling was repaired by the time Hanna arrived home on Wednesday night- it was re-plastered but not repainted. Guess I'll take what I can get!

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