Thursday, December 31, 2009

Better Late Than Never

These are so long overdue it is embarrassing but here are some pictures of our apartment! They were taken at night and are admittedly poor quality so don't judge them too harshly!

This is our living room. Please note the TV is still on the floor. It will probably stay there.

A close- up of the mantle! This is before we decorated it for Christmas and then it caught on fire when our new Christmas candle got a little too....enthusiastic.

Our orange couch. I am always on a quest to find pillows but I haven't found the perfect set yet. The bench was supposed to stay in the kitchen but somehow it has found a permanent resting place as our 'coffee table'.  We still need a shallow shelf above the couch because the photos are too high. It bothers me every day.

This is our make-shift hallway table. It is missing several key components: a tray for keys, a mail organizer and an umbrella stand. I have also had 'paint the mirror' on my to-do list for the past 6 months.

This vase is made of paper! Cool!

This is our little tea shelf in the kitchen. Normally it also holds my brand-new tea cup as well but I guess I must've been using it when I took this.

That's it for now! More pictures of the kitchen and the bedrooms (well, only mine) to come!

Photos Courtesy of: Mia G for w*ink!


helen said...

Does this mean I don't have to come over any more? Because it won't actually deter me. I still want to come over.

mia said...

Uh, yeah you still have to come over! You have three months to hang out with me in this apartment. After that, who knows where I'll be but fear not- I will still have my Hitchcock print!