Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Is there a 12-step program for decorating?

My name is Mia and I have a problem: I am a procrastinator. Big time. I have so many plans, make so many lists and spend hours talking and thinking and writing about what I will do in our apartment but when it actually comes to doing it, well, I don't.

There are many reasons. Sometimes it comes down to funding, sometimes I run out of time, sometimes I'm just plain lazy. But there are other times when I simply have too many ideas for one specific space and I cannot decide on any one project. Take my bedroom wall for example. This is the longest uninterrupted wall in my room and it has no interesting furniture to showcase since my bed is pushed up against it and there is also chair in the corner that is usually supporting a giant pile of clothes that have yet to make it back into my closet (further evidence of procrastination). Here is a small sampling of ideas I have had for that wall over the last few months:

*Create fake stripes with colored masking tape
*Blow up and then frame a giant children's map of paris
*Hang a gallery of postcards and other small prints
*Paint a mural
*Spray paint neon doilies in the corners and then peel them off so just their outlines remain
*Install a long rail near the ceiling and then decorate with curtains so it looks like wallpaper
*Buy removable wallpaper
*Decide on a color and just paint the damn thing
*Make a collage using masking tape or push pins
*Hang up the stuff I have from my old apartment simply because I already own it and like it and it must go somewhere

How am I supposed to decide??? The fact of the matter is, I have to do something soon because a) it is driving me nuts and b) if I don't, it will stay empty until I move out and will become a giant source of shame and embarrassment.

I am thinking I might just put all options in a hat and then do whichever idea Hanna chooses. 

Then there's the rest of my apartment. We have bookshelves to buy, decorative shelves to hang, furniture to reupholster. My lists go on and on and I feel overwhelmed and anxious to feel more settled.  What's a girl to do? Should I put more effort into prioritizing and start checking off projects one by one? Should I set a deadline for the entire apartment? Tackle one room at a time?

Or do I simply need to be patient and assume that one day the place will magically come together even if that 'one day' is the week before we move out?

Image: Mary Kate McDevitt

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