Thursday, January 22, 2009


In my bedroom I have a grey wall. I love my grey wall more than words can properly express. I frequently contemplate hanging something on it but then I cannot bear to interrupt its vast beauty. Once in a while I write on it with chalk even though it is not meant to be a chalkboard. On my bed is not one but two grey blankets. Our cat, which coincidentally is also grey, loves to lounge on top of them. That is, until I try to pet her. Then she walks away to go sniff a corner or hide in my roommate's closet where I cannot disturb her.

I tell you all this not because it is especially interesting but to really emphasize the fact that I truly love grey. Which is why I basically fell out of my chair when I saw Selina Lake's photographs of this amazing living room. Grey! Purple! Something gold! Something sparkly! Is there a more perfect room in the universe?!?!?! 

No. No there isn't. Oh WAIT! There's also this amazing pink living room with Moroccan leather pouffes! My life is so hard. 

Check out Selina Lake's Portfolio here.

Images: Selina Lake via Decor8

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jae said...

the cat thinks she blends in with your blanket and that she is invisible...if she were multi-colored or quilted, she would sit on my bed...she is a snob.

I love the pouffes...I want several. and the white and pink is very lovely.