Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ottoman Empire

Even though I live in New York, land of living spaces fit for hamsters and guinea pigs, I constantly dream of large, lavish apartments that have room for furniture that doesn't have to have multiple uses. Take, for example, the silver cart that currently serves as my bedside table. In the last year it has also served me at tea and cocktail parties and made a brief excursion into my roommate's bedroom to hold snacks on a movie night. As much as I love my silver cart, sometimes I just want something ridiculous that might serve no other function than to look pretty freaking awesome.

Something like this large silver ottoman. Is it awesome? Hell yeah!  Would it serve me tea? Maybe not. 

Let's be honest: it would look pretty ridiculous as a real ottoman in front of a couch. What couch matches with silver leather? One could use it as spare seating but then one would risk distorting its shape from too much use. (Our current much smaller ottoman is now shaped like a trapezoid. I take full responsibility.) That means, this silver object of my affections must be a coffee table which means it will promptly be covered in magazines and indian food. 

Basically, if I were to buy it, I would have to have a space large enough where it can hang out in a corner for all to enjoy but not necessarily touch. Is it worth it??!!??

Image: West Elm

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