Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My New Philosophy

When I was in high school, I wrote an incredibly moody autobiographical short story about moving out of my childhood home against my will and being dragged across the country to the scary and uptight east coast where I would inevitably be forced to reject grunge music in favor of pop and rap. The focus of the story was a confrontation when the new homeowners arrived before we were entirely moved out and started aggressively stripping the wallpaper from our kitchen walls.

Now in reality, I'm not sure I cared so much since the wallpaper was in fact quite ugly and I had hated the horrible red, white & blue country pattern for years. However, my crafty high school self recognized that there was symbolism in this seemingly small act and therefore an easy way to write something 'meaningful' and 'honest' and therefore get an A.  

Today I found something that could have changed the course of history (or at least my GPA). Tempaper is an ingenious self-adhesive wallpaper that you can readjust and rearrange to your heart's desire. It comes in 4 different art nouveau styles and 8 colors and more will be introduced each season.  My favorite is the spunky light blue/red combo above. 

Image: Tempaper


hanna said...

so if you haven't heard, i'm like, a writer. so sorry for this writerly suggestion, but...

you should do a series of little stories like this one (non-fiction stories with design element) and try to get them published as a chapbook. if you write the series, i'll submit it to mucho places for you!

mia said...

oooh! interesting idea! i'll consider.