Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Color Combo Challenge

Sometimes I like to amuse myself by visualizing new color combinations in unexpected spaces. This is one of those times.
via Boutique Mix
A few years ago while working at Kate's Paperie, I became obsessed with a set of Kate Spade stationery that featured a retro variation of postal stripes in navy, red and pink. Kate Spade recycled the same pattern last year with some variation in tone and color on a candy bar clutch and I've been utterly smitten ever since.

via Kate Spade-aholic
Enough about stationery and purses though- what I really care about is decorating. How would this combination work in a room? Navy is such a traditional and conservative color but a bright pink could make it really fun and adding in red accents would balance out the youthful aspects of hot pink. I can easily see it working in a bedroom or living room with all the textile and upholstery possibilities. Here are a few examples via Pinterest:

I like a good challenge so I started thinking about how these colors would look in a kitchen. Dark counters and a textured rug anchor a lighter table and counter top which leaves room for plenty of punchy accessories. Pretty cute, right?

From Left: Lacquer Tray, Rug, Chairs (color discontinued), Table, Wall Clock, Pendant Lamp, Mixer, Counters, Print

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