Saturday, January 28, 2012

Happy Weekend

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This felt like the longest effing week of my life and I am so glad it's finally Friday! This is the first weekend in several months that I have a day that is completely free and I am so excited to get some housework done and tackle some fun projects that have been on my To Do list for far too long.

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I'm having a few friends over for dinner so first on my list is baking a super simple dessert. I'm thinking peanut butter cup bars. Don't they look good?

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Last year I bought a fun desk calendar from Anthropologie with all these crazy designs in bright colors and I loved flipping it over every month to see what new pattern awaited. Now that the year's over, I thought I would find a more permanent use for the calendar so I plan to experiment with different designs to make some easy DIY wall art.

What's a weekend without a good workout? I think I'll also try out one of the new zumba classes at my gym. Here is what I think it will be like:

Happy Weekend!

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